Advantages of galvanized flange

In the production of flange, because of the low cost of carbon steel flange, anti-corrosion performance is far less than stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials of flange superior, often use cold galvanized and hot galvanized these two processing methods, to improve the anti-corrosion performance and service life of the flange. Sometimes we will also choose a galvanized way according to the needs of customers, or according to the use environment of flange pipe fittings.

Flange galvanization allows each part of the coating to be galvanized, and the galvanization layer forms a special metallurgical structure that will not have much impact even if the flange galvanization is mechanically damaged during transportation and use. In the grooves, galvanizing also fully protects sharp corners and hidden positions, so the coating is more reliable for durability. The thickness of the standard hot-dip galvanizing coating can be maintained for more than 50 years under normal operating conditions, and even in more corrosive operating conditions (such as offshore areas), the standard hot-dip galvanizing coating can be maintained for 20 years. The galvanizing process can avoid the time required for on-site spraying after installation. The cost of galvanizing is also lower than other coatings, and the galvanizing process is faster and saves more time than other coatings.

EN1092-1 P250GH Galvanized Flanges

EN1092-1 P250GH Galvanized Flanges

According to the picture, the order is to purchase a batch of flanges from our company from an old customer in Slovakia. The material is P250GH and the standard is EN1092-1. According to the customer’s requirements, the flanges are cold galvanized. At present, the production and processing have been completed, and the packaging is ready for shipment. Welcome new and old customers to consult flange order and galvanized related matters!