The customer arranges a third party TUV to inspect the flanges in the factory

The Indian customer ordered 63 pieces of large-size stainless steel flanges. Since the customer is in a hurry to deliver the goods, we have finished the production within the delivery period and finished the inspection by ourselves. Therefore, we inform the customer to arrange a third party to inspect the flanges and deliver the goods as soon as possible so that the customer can receive the goods in time.

The third-party inspection company arranged by the client is TUV. Inspection items required by customers include dimensional inspection, ultrasonic inspection, PMI, etc.

Dimensional inspection for stainless steel large size flange

The third party test results are also in full compliance with the standard requirements, the customer is very satisfied.

PMI test of stainless steel large size flange

PMI test of stainless steel large size flange

If you also need various sizes of flanges and fittings, you can also contact us.  We support a variety of third-party testing.