What is a threaded flange?

Threaded flange is to process the inner hole of flange into pipe thread. The connection mode of flange and pipeline is not welding, but thread connection, that is, turning thread for flange inner hole, turning corresponding thread for pipe on pipe, and then matching connection.

The thread of threaded flange includes 55 ° tapered internal thread RC specified in GB 7306, 55 ° cylindrical internal thread RP specified in GB 7306, and 60 ° tapered internal thread NPT specified in GB / T 12716.


Threaded flange is not a high-pressure flange, suitable for small pressure, such as engineering construction, air-conditioning water system, can be used safely. Threaded flange is often said to be a kind of screw thread products, such as the pipe fittings on the tap water used at home, which is threaded. It is often used in engineering construction. It has the advantages of convenient installation on site, convenient maintenance and no need of welding. It can be used on pipes that are not allowed to be welded, not easy to weld, or with poor welding performance. Threaded flange does not belong to high pressure flange. Standard thread flange is neck flange. In addition to the difference in flange, other sizes of flat welded flange and socket welding flange are the same. One end of threaded flange is connected with pipe thread, and the other end is connected with other flange, flange cover, equipment and valve.

ANSI ASME B16.5 class 150 threaded flange

ANSI ASME B16.5 class 150 threaded flange

Threaded flange is a kind of non welding flange, which processes the inner hole of flange plate into pipe thread, and realizes connection with pipe with thread. Considering the structural characteristics of threaded flange, it is not suitable for flammable, explosive and hazardous occasions. The applicable pressure of threaded flange is 0.6-4.0mpa, and the diameter is DN 10-dn 150. The dimensions of the threaded flange are the same as those of the flat welded neck flange except for the inner diameter thread size.

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