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Specific technical requirements for wind power flange

As a tower connecting element, the wind power flange is often exposed to extreme low temperature, typhoon, sandstorm and other bad weather due to its working environment at high altitude. Therefore, in order to prevent safety accidents, the mechanical properties, internal organization, process performance and low-temperature toughness of the wind power flange are generally required. Not long ago, Haihao received an order for wind power flange. The customer made extremely high requirements for the product. Here are some of the requirements put forward by the customer.

Custom tower flanges

Custom tower flanges

1.The material of the integrally forged flange is Q345E, which must meet the requirements of the current national standards.

2.The flange shall not be forged with quenched steel or tempered steel.

3.The tower drum flange (except the lower flange of the foundation ring) must be a seamless hot-rolled ring produced by forging and ring rolling process and heat treated. The forging ratio shall be at least 4:1. The heat treatment state of forgings is normalizing and tempering. The flange structure is internal flange.

4.All forged flanges must undergo 100% ultrasonic testing after finishing and meet the requirements of GB/T 6402 quality level 3. It must have a test report issued by a third party independent of the manufacturer, which meets the requirements of Article 4.1 of GB/T18253.

5.Flange welds must be subject to 100% ultrasonic testing, and the weld quality level shall meet the requirements of Class I.

6.Mechanical property test of all flanges, impact energy, yield strength and tensile strength shall meet the requirements in the following table.

Technical requirements for flanges

Technical requirements for flanges

After seeing the customer’s demand, Haihao Group said that we are fully capable of producing these flanges. After receiving the customer’s demand, we carried out many technical exchanges with the customer and issued a production plan. The customer was very satisfied with Haihao’s plan. Haihao Group specializes in the production of flanges, steel pipes, elbows, tees and other pipeline supporting products. We support non-standard customization and prefabrication. If you need products related to pipeline engineering, Haihao is your trusted partner.