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ANSI/ ASME B16.36 orifice flanges

ANSI/ ASME B16.36 orifice flanges


Hebei Haihao Group can supply ANSI B16.36 orifice flanges.

ASME B16.36 flanges are orifice flanges and they are used for measuring the flow of fluid that has been transported through a pipeline, via a flow nozzle, that has been kept on the flange. Orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 can be obtained from Class #300 – Class #2500. Orifice Class #300 flanges are procurable in types such as weld neck end, slip-on and threaded. Orifice Class #600 and flanges above that Class, can be obtained in only weld neck type end.

1inch Stainless Steel SS304 Raised Face Orifice Flange

ANSI/ASME B16.36 orifice flanges are used together with orifice meters and in this way it becomes possible to measure the flow rates of gas, oil and other liquids that have been transported in a pipeline. The conventional assembly of orifice flanges includes nuts, orifice plate, bolts, plugs, gaskets, a couple of flanges and jacking screws. Because of the jacking screws, easy removal of the primary flow element is accomplished. When there is a need for the installation of a flow nozzle or an orifice plate, instead of using standard pipe flanges, orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 are used. Generally, orifice flanges are available in RTJ (Ring Type Joint) facings or as Raised Faces. The most used orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 are weld neck flanges and the most popularly used among these are Threaded Class 300, Slip On Class 300 and Welding Neck Classes 900, 300, 2500, 600, 400 and 1500. Orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 can be constructed from a variety of materials such as carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel and any other suitable material.

When the inspection of ASME B16.36 orifice flanges is being carried out, it is crucial to check for the length of the hub, bolt circle and bolt hole diameter, straightness and alignment of the bolt hole, thickness of weld end, outer and inner diameter of body and tap holes dimensions. Orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 are available in weld neck, threaded and socket weld, they are obtainable in different dimensions and they are also available in all ASTM forged grades (182, A350, A105 and A694). An orifice flange union is 2 orifice flanges joined together. Orifice flanges are basically the same as slip on flanges or weld neck flanges, the differences being that stainless steel orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 have extra machining and another difference is that in the flange ring, orifice flanges have radial, tapped holes. This serves as the purpose of meter connections and so that additional bolts can serve as jack screws to allow for the separation of flanges, at the time of replacement or inspection of the orifice plate. Orifice flanges of ASME B16.36 are produced in various grades and sizes.