Hebei Haihao Group has received the DNV certification

Recently, the carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel flange,pipe fittings produced by Hebei Haihao Group have obtained the certification of DNV and the relevant certificates approved and issued by the headquarters of DNV. This is another classification society certification obtained by Hebei haihao group after ABS classification society certification and BV classification society certification, which will become a new support for the company’s flange and pipe fitting production and seizing the international high-end market.

Hebei Haihao Group obtained DNV approval certification

Hebei Haihao Group obtained DNV approval certification

Det Norske Veritas is a world-renowned classification society and an international authoritative certification body. Marine or offshore platform equipment certified by DET Norske Veritas must be strictly inspected and reviewed by professional surveyors. Det Norske Veritas has almost strict high standard requirements on the standardization of its standards in the marine field and the rigor of laboratory inspection qualification.

The pipe connection is mainly made of steel, and the pipe fitting and flange has become an indispensable necessity in the pipeline connection. It has a wide range of applications. The product size certified this time is max 24 inches, the thickness is max 30.96mm, and the maximum unit weight is 1500kg, which basically meets the needs of customers for conventional products.

Through the certification of det Norske Veritas, the carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel products of Hebei haihao group will rank among the most popular in the world, which provides an effective guarantee for the development of the company in the marine industry, further expands the company’s influence in the international market and lays a solid foundation for the company to expand the high-end market at home and abroad.