Use and connection of spectacle blind

The spectacle blind is a kind of pipe part, which is mainly for the convenience of maintenance. You can paint the upper half of “8” black. It’s half a blind plate and half an iron ring.

Spectacle blind flange do not have bolt holes. It is only used for isolation between two flanges. If a pressure test is required, can the thickness of the double-ring blind plate be removed according to the flange or flange cover under the corresponding pressure level during the maintenance process. Maintenance and operation are simple. Double turn blinds are used continuously to ensure critical conditions and connection characteristics during maintenance determined by thickness.

Spectacle Blind Flange 

Spectacle Blind Flange

Spectacle blind flange plate connection is suitable for pipe fittings with a diameter of 50-315mm. Its performance characteristics: non-rigid connection, detachable, stretch-resistant. Flange connections are often used as detachable connections on low pressure delivery pipelines. In order to cut off, if there is no spectacle blind Flange plate in the pipeline, it is difficult to insert the blind plate for isolation operation because there is not enough clearance when it needs to be cut off.

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