Quality inspection of our flange pipe joint products

Not long ago, the customer ordered a batch of flange steel pipe joint products in Haihao. Today, this batch of products has undergone a third-party quality inspection according to the customer’s needs. The quality inspection content includes the following aspects:

Appearance Curing: Ensuring Impeccable Finish

Our flange pipe joint products are subjected to an appearance curing test during the quality inspection process. This crucial step ensures that the products exhibit an impeccable finish, free from any visual defects such as scratches, discoloration, or uneven coating. By adhering to the highest standards of appearance curing, we guarantee that our products maintain a pristine and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Prefabricated products

Prefabricated products

Dry Film Thickness: Measuring Coating Integrity

The dry film thickness test is an integral part of our quality inspection, designed to evaluate the thickness of the protective coating applied to our flange pipe joint products. By employing precise measurement techniques, we verify that the coating meets the specified thickness requirements. This ensures optimal protection against corrosion, abrasion, and other environmental factors, enhancing the longevity and performance of our products.

Adhesion Performance Testing: Ensuring Bonding Strength

Adhesion performance testing is conducted to evaluate the strength and integrity of the adhesive bonding between the coating and the substrate of our flange pipe joint products. This critical test ensures that the coating adheres firmly to the surface, even under challenging conditions. By conducting meticulous adhesion performance testing, we guarantee reliable and long-lasting bonding strength, safeguarding our products against delamination or detachment.

Coating meaasurement of steel pipe and flange combination

Coating meaasurement of steel pipe and flange combination

Third-Party Quality Inspection: Unbiased Assurance

As part of our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, we engage reputable third-party inspection agencies to conduct the quality inspection of our flange pipe joint products. These independent agencies possess internationally recognized certifications, ensuring unbiased evaluation and compliance with industry standards. By subjecting our products to third-party inspection, we provide our customers with the utmost confidence in the quality and reliability of our offerings.

At Haihao Group, our unwavering dedication to quality is exemplified through our comprehensive quality inspection process. From appearance curing to dry film thickness and adhesion performance testing, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the excellence of our flange pipe joint products. By partnering with reputable third-party inspection agencies, we ensure unbiased evaluation and deliver products that exceed customer expectations. Trust Haihao Group for superior quality flange pipe joint products that are built to last.