Manufacturing process of wind power flanges

Wind power flange is one of the important parts of wind turbines, because of the wind power to withstand high temperature, cold, high humidity, sand and salt corrosion, such as bad operation environment, its quality directly affects the wind power plant is reliable operation.So the wind power flange must strictly follow the production process in the manufacturing process of reproduction, guarantee the quality of wind power flange.

The packaging bag of wind power flange is nothing but to protect the appearance of its products, so most users of straight seam flange need not question this point. On the production of seamless flange enterprises, straight flange will not be unfamiliar. The straight seam flange is mainly made of rolled steel plate, formed by warm kneading and welded by active double-sided submerged arc welding process. Its manufacturing process is also improved on the basis of straight seam flange. In the manufacturing process, we need to install strict process standards.

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

Large caliber flat flanges used for wind power industry

One step is to determine the raw materials. The raw materials are strip coil, welding wire and flux. All raw materials have to pass strict physical and chemical tests before they are put into operation.

Second, welding technology. The selection of manufacturing technology is divided into single wire or double wire submerged arc welding, and active submerged arc welding is used after rolling into flange.

Third, molding. Before forming, the strip is required to be leveled, trimmed, planed, cleaned, transported and bent. Together, in order to ensure the smooth transportation of strip steel, the electric contact pressure gauge should be selected to control the pressure of the cylinder at both ends of the conveyor. Molding is, can choose external control or internal control roller molding.

Fourth, when selecting the welding gap control device, it is necessary to ensure that the weld gap can meet the welding requirements, and the pipe diameter, misalignment and weld gap must be strictly implemented in accordance with the standards. Both internal welding and external welding are single wire or double wire submerged arc welding with American Lincoln Electric Welder, so as to ensure the welding quality.

Fifthly, all the welded seams pass the on-line continuous ultrasonic active flaw detector inspection, which ensures 100% coverage of spiral weld nondestructive testing and prevents the production of defective products.

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