Kazakhstan – insulation flange order

Insulation joint is an improved replacement product based on the problems existing in the use of insulation flange. It is an important element of pressure and is essential to the cathodic protection system of steel pipes. It is widely used in the cathodic protection system of steel pipes.

Insulation flange is mainly used between gas transmission and distribution pipeline and gas pressure regulating, metering, storage and other equipment, its main role is to isolate each section of gas transmission and distribution pipeline, equipment and pipeline mutual insulation, protect it from chemical corrosion, prolong the service life of pipeline and equipment.

Insulation flange

Insulation flange

Haihao Group can provide complete insulation products and various accessories according to customers’ requirements. The order needs to provide product name, size, pressure, material and pressure. As shown in the figure, this is the Kazakh customer’s order of insulation flange kits in June, whose insulation resistance can reach at least 20M ohm, which is expected to be delivered to Kazakhstan at the end of June.

The Haihao Group is able to produce and consistently provide a variety of products and technical support to help solve most flange sealing and insulation problems. Old customers who have orders trust and rely on us completely, and welcome new customers to order! Email:sales@haihaogroup.com