Introduction to isolation gasket kits

The isolation gasket kit is consist of insulating gasket, insulation sleeve,plated steel washers and insulating washers. These components are manufactured in special materials with proper chemical stability, low water absorption, and dielectric properties,that is to prevent the corrosion of flanges and flanged joints that static currents present on a piping system may induce.

There are four major types of isolation gasket kits, designated as F, E, D, and O. Each type of insulating gasket fits flanges with specific face,RF,FF and RTJ.

Flange insulation products finished in Haihao Group

Flange insulation products finished in Haihao Group

Type F gasket is standard thickness 1/8″(3mm),and made to fit RF and FF flange. As there are no bolt holes,the gasket outside diameter is slightly less than the inside diameter of the bolt circle.

Type E gasket is standard thickness 1/8″(3mm) too. And made to fit FF flange only. Type E is a FF gasket with same OD of the flange and precision cut bolt holes.

Type D gaskets are designed to fit into RTJ Flange and available in basic oval as well as octagonal shape,also BX gasket. Sized to ANSI and API specification.

Type O Gaskets feature an extra sealing element on both sides of the device, generally, PTFE, Nitrile or Viton Rubber, and are available in both ring and full face design (type E and F). Type O Gaskets are manufactured with phenolic and G-10 materials.

The materials for insulation sleeves are, by default, polyethylene or phenolic.

In Isolation gaskets kits, the Type F,E,D and O are different types of insulating gasket. ,the other components (insulation sleeve,Plated steel washers and insulating washers) are same.

Insulation sleeves are manufactured of Phenolic,Mylar,NEMA G10 and Minlon.

Insulating washers are made of Phenolic,Non-Asb,NEMA G11 and Teflon. 1/8″ thikcness.

Plated steel washers is electro-plated,which is provided to protect the insulating washers from damage by the nut.

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