Haihao Group provides large-diameter wind power flanges to support the industry’s growth

In recent years, Haihao Group has been actively involved in numerous wind power projects, providing large-diameter wind power flanges to support the industry’s growth. We are pleased to share an exciting development from the wind power sector, highlighting our dedication to staying informed and prepared for future endeavors.

On October 24th, China Huadian Heavy Industries achieved a significant milestone by successfully developing the first set of segmented wind turbine towers, making it the first company within China Huadian Group to achieve this technological feat.

To harness wind resources more efficiently, improve electricity generation, and reduce costs, the wind power industry is moving towards higher-capacity solutions. The mainstream approach involves increasing tower height, lengthening blades, and expanding tower diameter. However, conventional manufacturing methods for large-diameter towers present challenges such as exceeding onshore transport height limits and significantly increasing transportation costs.

Wind Power Flange

Wind Power Flange

To address these issues, Wuhan Huadian, in alignment with industry technological trends, conducted extensive research into the key technology processes for manufacturing segmented tower sections. By dividing large-diameter towers into multiple segments, transportation challenges can be overcome, leading to improved transportation efficiency and a significant reduction in transportation costs.

In the trial production process on October 24th, after nearly 5 hours of testing, the first set of segmented wind turbine towers was successfully manufactured. These towers boast a maximum diameter of 6.29 meters, with the lower three sections featuring a segmented structure that meets industry standards in terms of quality and technical requirements.

Haihao Group takes pride in its ongoing commitment to the wind power sector and its dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments. As wind power projects continue to evolve and expand, our readiness to adapt and provide cutting-edge components, such as our large-diameter wind power flanges, remains unwavering. We look forward to playing a significant role in the future of the wind power industry.

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