Can RTJ Flange be matched with RF flange?

We may be asked this question more than once: Can RTJ Flange be matched with RF flange?

To fully answer this question,we should understand the structure of the RTJ and RF.(Types of flange sealing surface-FF,RF,RTG,TG)

The Raised Face is a common type,easily to identify and it’s referred to RF because the gasket surfaces are raised above the bolting circle face.

Raised Face Flange

Raised Face Flange

RTJ flange have a raised face too, but there is a ring groove machined into the following pictures.

RTJ Face flange can’t be matched with RF face, the main reason is the groove in the Raised face of RTJ.

RTJ Face Flange

RTJ Face Flange

RTJ flanges have grooves in their sealing faces, while RF flanges do not.As usual,RTJ Flange need ring gasket.RF face request flat gasket, like spiral wound gasket. if RTJ Flange and RF Flange jointed together,only flat gasket can be used.This flat gasket can make full contact with RF Flange sealing surface,but can’t with the RTJ Flange.Because of the groove in the flange RTJ,a portion of the gasket is not utilized, and therefore it is not possible to make a properly sealed flange connection. The sealing gasket can not be fully used and the pressure can not reach the required working pressure, which is easy to cause safety accidents.

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