Main function of slip on flange

Because the slip on flange is widely used in ships, chemical industry, petroleum and other industries,we will introduce the main function,application characteristics and sealing principle of the slip on flange in detail.There are three chapters in total.The first one today — main functions.

  1. In case of pipeline failure, it is convenient to disassemble and detect;
  2. Connect the pipeline and keep good sealing performance;
  3. If there is a problem with a section of pipeline, it is convenient to replace a section of pipeline.

The slip on flange has certain technical requirements and parameters in production and use, and is produced and processed in a certain way and method:

Slip on ring lap joint flange

Slip on ring lap joint flange

The butt weld of the ring shall be subject to post weld heat treatment and 100% radiographic or ultrasonic testing, and the radiographic testing shall meet the level II requirements of JB4730, and the ultrasonic testing shall meet the level I requirements of JB4730. Butt welding flange adopts certain welding standards and technology for production and processing, which conforms to the corresponding national production standards and requirements;

The steel plate for slip on flange production shall be subject to ultrasonic flaw detection, free of lamination defects, to ensure good quality and performance problems, and shall be produced and inspected in accordance with certain quality requirements to ensure that the steel plate produced and used has no quality problems;

ANSI B16.5 A105 RF forged slip on flanges

ANSI B16.5 A105 RF forged slip on flanges

The steel shall be cut into strips along the rolling direction, bent and butt welded to form a circular ring, and the steel surface shall form a cylindrical surface of the ring. In the production of flange to Kazakhstan, steel plate shall not be directly machined into flange with neck, which shall be manufactured and processed with certain technology.

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